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Chances are if you own or rent your home, you’ve had to deal with clogs, leaks, installing new water hookups to new appliances, and broken plumbing components. This is why it’s important to have a Honolulu plumber that you can rely on and trust.

Choosing the Best Honolulu Plumber

Some property owners are tempted to address plumbing issues or complete installations on their own, even though they lack plumbing experience. Improperly installed appliances or incorrectly addressed plumbing issues can result in thousands of dollars in repair costs and lead to significant water damage throughout your property.

Kamaaina Plumbing & Renovations offers fast, reliable plumbing solutions to Hawaii property owners no matter how small or simple the job. Everything from kitchen and bathroom remodels to installing solar water heaters, we have you covered.

Plumbing Contractor

Kamaaiana Plumbing & Renovations is a full service contracting company; that means we do all the work ourselves. Most plumbing companies work with local contractors to install–but not us. We will take charge of your home improvement project from beginning to end. Learn more about our kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel solutions.


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We also offer accessible bathroom renovations for family members that may need more assistance. Let us take the stress out of remodeling your bathroom while increasing the value.

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