Commercial Repiping

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Replacing all the cold and hot waterlines in your commercial property is no small decision. Many Hawaii commercial properties have the piping installed deep in concrete slabs that are integral to the buildings structure, making it impossible to remove or replace existing pipe systems. Rather, Kamaaina Plumbing technicians will install new piping through interior walls and attic spaces to access existing plumbing fixtures. Occasionally, if attic spaces are unavailable, we will dig around the buildings exterior to provide plumbing service into exterior walls.

Commercial Plumbing

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We strive to provide our commercial plumbing clients with the best service possible, with the least amount of interruption to your business and customers. If you have any questions regarding your current plumbing concerns, call the experts at Kamaaina Plumbing for a FREE site and system inspection. If you suspect your plumbing system may have leaks or other issues, call us for your free estimate.


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At Kamaaina Pros, only highly qualified technicians are taken on board, that are well trained, and background checked. Besides, the company understands that the customers want someone they can trust and have confidence that the job will be done well in the first go..

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